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Disko from the Past

I have an old floppy disk containing one of my earliest pieces of writing, something I now recognise as my very own fan fiction of Deltora Quest funnily enough (The Quest for the Rose of Rosdinia I called it). Who knew I wrote fan fiction when I was just ten years old!? The plot? A hand crafted rose with a gold stem and gems shaped to look like the petals is separated into individual pieces by an evil lord. They are then spread out across the land hidden from sight and causing chaos. Heroes rise up in this dark time and fight to restore the peace by finding all the missing pieces and uniting them once more to save Rosdinia! Pretty much an exact rip of the story for those who have read the series (Emily Rodda is the author). Continue reading

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Original & Evolved

One of the most important things to recognise with writing is that there is no exact formula for it. Each person is unique therefore the methods each writer uses to work is a combination of their individual inspiration, lifestyle, motivation, experiences, social network, decisions and so on. Not only do we differ in these areas, but we differ in our ability to understand, we each grow from our experiences at different rates. Continue reading

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Time Flies if you Throw a Clock

I didn’t realise it reached the month mark since my last post! So much for my weekly writing ritual, life has become so busy I lost track of time I guess. A lot has happened in the past month though. I’ve played netball weekly, organised a club function that has come and gone, gone for a girls night out on the town that went well into the morning and took several days recovery. I’ve attended sports games every Sunday, completed a charity run and gone out to dinner enough times to ensure my savings hasn’t gained a cent! At least I haven’t been ignoring my writing simply because I’m lazy!

Hopefully I’ll have something new to share in the next week or so!

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A Gingery Tail

Ever since I was a wee little baby I’ve been surrounded by animals. The list varies greatly due to having lived on nine acres with my parents for the last nine years. Cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, budgies, alpacas, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys and even a one eyed goose make up the list of beautiful creatures that have (most which still do) lived with me. My most loved companion comes in the form a ginger feline, a handsome fur ball of trouble named Arnold. Almost two years old now, he takes up both my arms and a shoulder in size and even then it’s a struggle to carry him.  It’s hard to believe that on the day I picked him up he was so tiny he fit in one hand! The events leading to he and I coming together are quite amazing and it’s a tale I wish to share with you.

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I’m Ten Stories High At Least

There are two things I enjoy doing in my down time. The first is reading a book; the second is watching a television series. One of my favourite things to see happen is a novel recognised for its potential and be transformed into a movie or series. I favour a series over a single movie adaptation simply because a movie never gives the full depth of the characters we learn to love and hate (see The Mortal Instruments – argh!). As of late I have neglected my reading in favour of television. I’m afraid the rampage of shows hitting our screens has been overwhelming which in unison with an increased work load in the office has resulted in the easier of the two taking first place.

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A Question For You

I’ve been throwing around the name of my blog in my mind for a few weeks now and it still hasn’t settled. It’s as though it comes across too formal for what I intend, that it defines my blog in so many ways that should I stray from the norm my readers would lose interest. Guess it’s something to work on, maybe it’s one of those things where the more you think about it the more it changes the way it sounds in your mind.

It’s made me curious about how other blog names were chosen. Some are quite obvious and relate exactly to what the author intends to write about, but on the wider spectrum of topics, how does one choose a single title that will define their work?

If anyone happens to read this, how did you choose the name of your blog? Continue reading

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Silent Dreams

A dream I had last night (May 5th 2014). It’s the first dream I’ve experienced where there was no sound at all, a silent dream. In some ways the idea of no sound, not even background noise is frightening, yet in the dream it was peaceful.

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Paint a World with Words


“There’s a waltz playin’ frozen in time”
Beam Me Up – Pink


Lyrics from ‘Beam Me Up’ on The Truth About Love album from Pink. The entire song is beautiful but this line in particular captured me. The strength and conviction in addition to her soft voice and lyrics produces an enchanting image throughout the entire song and I fell in love with it.

Beam Me Up – Pink – Youtube Link

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Today’s the Day and so is Tomorrow

Back in school I dated every piece of work because I was told I had to. It was drilled into me right from the beginning to date the document in front of me for the records of my educators. I didn’t question it, I didn’t fight it, I just did it. This tiny little habit I kept through all the years came about more significant than ever in an unexpected way. At the time I wrote down those seemingly unimportant dates I didn’t even begin to comprehend the impact they could have, and would have on future me.

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