For a long time I’ve been wanting to share with the World the thoughts that cross my mind, the ideas I have and opinions I’ve developed. A lot of people have suggested blogging to me but up until this year I never really considered it. After a few encouraging individuals spoke to me on separate occasions I decided I would go ahead and put forth my writing to the world, thus the birth of my blog The Butterfly Theorem.

The name for The Butterfly Theorem came from a friend who nicknamed me this one day. As we were driving we pulled up behind a car who had on their rear window an ACDC sticker and a few butterfly stickers all together. She remarked that it was an odd combination and I responded with my understanding that they were both linked to chaos and that I could see a connection. The conversation didn’t last long and once I had finished explaining what I had seen she laughed it off and responded with “Okay then Butterfly Theorem!” and since then the name has stuck.

I hope to develop it over the next year into something that is my own. At the moment I’ll be testing the waters and getting a firmer understanding of how to use it properly. Hopefully I can pick up a few readers along the way and share a little more of the workings of my mind with you!

Also – I wrote a piece for Daily Post that was in reference to my writing journey. If you care to take a look you can find it here!



3 Responses to About

  1. Hey Kris,
    I love your blog and…. *drumroll please*…. I’ve nominated you for the Lighthouse Award. Keep writing! http://booksandbark.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/lighthouse-award/

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