Time Flies if you Throw a Clock

I didn’t realise it reached the month mark since my last post! So much for my weekly writing ritual, life has become so busy I lost track of time I guess. A lot has happened in the past month though. I’ve played netball weekly, organised a club function that has come and gone, gone for a girls night out on the town that went well into the morning and took several days recovery. I’ve attended sports games every Sunday, completed a charity run and gone out to dinner enough times to ensure my savings hasn’t gained a cent! At least I haven’t been ignoring my writing simply because I’m lazy!

Hopefully I’ll have something new to share in the next week or so!


About Kris

I've got a little bit to say about a lot of different things. Everything is changing everday, and everday I'm changing how I understand it all. This is what I share on here with you, a varying perspective on the events my life, after all I'm one in seven billion. At times I'm called weird, at times I'm called a geek, a lot of the time they call me trouble, but you can call me Kris.
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