Paint a World with Words


“There’s a waltz playin’ frozen in time”
Beam Me Up – Pink


Lyrics from ‘Beam Me Up’ on The Truth About Love album from Pink. The entire song is beautiful but this line in particular captured me. The strength and conviction in addition to her soft voice and lyrics produces an enchanting image throughout the entire song and I fell in love with it.

Beam Me Up – Pink – Youtube Link


About Kris

I've got a little bit to say about a lot of different things. Everything is changing everday, and everday I'm changing how I understand it all. This is what I share on here with you, a varying perspective on the events my life, after all I'm one in seven billion. At times I'm called weird, at times I'm called a geek, a lot of the time they call me trouble, but you can call me Kris.
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One Response to Paint a World with Words

  1. lefraise2002 says:

    *tears* Beautiful song.

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