Silent Dreams

A dream I had last night (May 5th 2014). It’s the first dream I’ve experienced where there was no sound at all, a silent dream. In some ways the idea of no sound, not even background noise is frightening, yet in the dream it was peaceful.

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Paint a World with Words


“There’s a waltz playin’ frozen in time”
Beam Me Up – Pink


Lyrics from ‘Beam Me Up’ on The Truth About Love album from Pink. The entire song is beautiful but this line in particular captured me. The strength and conviction in addition to her soft voice and lyrics produces an enchanting image throughout the entire song and I fell in love with it.

Beam Me Up – Pink – Youtube Link

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Today’s the Day and so is Tomorrow

Back in school I dated every piece of work because I was told I had to. It was drilled into me right from the beginning to date the document in front of me for the records of my educators. I didn’t question it, I didn’t fight it, I just did it. This tiny little habit I kept through all the years came about more significant than ever in an unexpected way. At the time I wrote down those seemingly unimportant dates I didn’t even begin to comprehend the impact they could have, and would have on future me.

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The Writing Journey Thus Far


I’ve always wanted to write. Of all the things in my life, writing is the one thing I was certain of. When I was in year six I wrote a story that came out to approximately twenty printed pages and handed it to my teacher. I remember her telling me that it was an impressive novel for someone my age, a comment which strengthened my hold on the desire to write. Unfortunately the story I wrote is forever entombed on an ill-fated floppy disk, safely tucked away forever in my drawer never to be read again. Fortunately my desire to write is not. Continue reading

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A dream I had last night (April 10th 2014). When I woke, I knew I had been walking home on a path that had once been a major highway leading away from my home city. For some reason the land had reverted back to a state where nature once again held the land and there was barely a trace of humanity. It was a very quick dream and linked into another very briefly so it was hard to distinguish what I had felt and observed in this part of the dream and wrote only what I remembered as definitely part of this dream. As a result I think I come off rather bland but there is room to expand on the idea for sure, overall an unusual and interesting dream.

The land around me was grey. The sky was dark though not from night, but from a heavy cloud of ash and dust that extended as far as the eye could see. In patches it seemed as though light were just beyond, but the moment you noticed and had hope build up inside, the swirling mass of ash would extend and that brief glimmer of light would disappear with it. Continue reading

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A dream I had last night (March 18 2014). I knew I was at my grandmother’s house though parts of it had changed. Something had happened in our city, an ongoing crime wave that I was starting to become involved in. I knew I looked like me, but my personality was quieter and withdrawn. I was myself yet I showed less of my thoughts with the world.

I stood by the window peering out through the venetians that covered the glass at all hours of the day. I had childhood memories of this window always being open and exposed to the street. A simple scene lay before you as you looked out; a great open space with a large area of lawn and an old lemon tree bent at an unusual angle. Whereas my memories were of blues and greens, the scene that now lay before me spoke in shades of blue and grey. The skies now clouded cast unusual patterns on the land and created shadows where there hadn’t been any before.

I was looking for something, a moment to confirm my suspicions regarding the group of individuals that were at the centre of our state of panic. I wanted to see who they were yet I was afraid. Afraid that they would know I was watching them, that my actions might cause them to approach the house and that something might happen to force me out of my conservative lifestyle. At the same time I couldn’t pull myself away. Continue reading

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Parallel Reality

A dream I had last night (March 2nd 2014). I jumped between experiencing the scene as a person to outside the body as an observer. Despite this the dream was not interrupted or fragmented but was in fact smooth and fluent. I knew by the garments I wore and by my surroundings that I was at least 700 years in the past or in another world experiencing a similar reality in their own dimension as their present.

I was in the body of a young woman. Hair loose and flowing down to my waist, slim figured and gentle framed. I was about fifteen and still growing into a woman, innocent to some aspects of the world yet wiser to many more. At this moment I was afraid for myself and my mother with whom I huddled against in the cold. We had fled our home, a well established family home that towered above the land it rested on. Made of grey stone it should have been happily situated yet grey clouds constantly sat above it as though in a constant gloom. We had left because something at this place had happened. Continue reading

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