The Writing Journey Thus Far


I’ve always wanted to write. Of all the things in my life, writing is the one thing I was certain of. When I was in year six I wrote a story that came out to approximately twenty printed pages and handed it to my teacher. I remember her telling me that it was an impressive novel for someone my age, a comment which strengthened my hold on the desire to write. Unfortunately the story I wrote is forever entombed on an ill-fated floppy disk, safely tucked away forever in my drawer never to be read again. Fortunately my desire to write is not.

As time went by and I grew older I neglected my writing and instead focused on school work, prepping for the exams that I thought at the time controlled my future. My English teacher recommended a competition for writing as she knew I was interested in pursuing a career in the field. I accepted the papers with every interest of entering yet pushed them aside for study. As a result I never entered; I didn’t even get the chance to write the first line of an idea to enter with.

School ended and I had worked my butt off to the point where I had no writing whatsoever to my name apart from a stack of two sentence notes containing passing thoughts. At that time it didn’t bother me so much, I had graduated with a TER score that gave me the ability to apply to any university I chose should they have the courses I sought. The only problem? I had no idea what I wanted to study beyond high school!

A year later and I had finished one year of Film Studies & Creative Writing at university, a course I had entered into because I thought it might help me get back into writing. Not getting the satisfaction I expected upon entering the course I deferred for a year… then another… and another. After my third year of deferring I had taken myself out of the course by accident. After working non-stop throughout these years and not having much else except a few good references and some experience, I decided to travel and explore for a while. By the end of 2013 I had spent six weeks abroad exploring the northern route through America and Canada from east to west.

On my travels we were forced into that awkward ‘tell us about yourself in front of fifty strangers’ torment as we travelled on the coach. One question we were all asked to answer; what is something you want to achieve in your future? My first response? I want to publish a book. I realised that of all the things I wanted to do in this life, through all the uncertainty and confusion, writing was still the one thing I wanted to do. Throughout the six weeks that I travelled I compiled a list of things I wanted to do, motivated by the people I met and the places I visited. In may ways it was a liberating experience and rekindled that desire I had way back in year six to write.

When I returned home I started opening up to my friends and family, telling them of my ideas for future projects, about the opinions I held regarding our society and about the dreams I had during the night that seemed like foreign worlds bursting forth from my imagination. As a result of the encouragement from the people who listened I started this blog to share with others the thoughts that pass through my mind and to find others to converse with on an unlimited number of topics.  I’m still building up the confidence to put myself out there, to take the plunge and worry less about what others will say. At the same time it’s as much of a nerve wrenching experience as it is an exciting one, and I can’t wait to explore it.

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About Kris

I've got a little bit to say about a lot of different things. Everything is changing everday, and everday I'm changing how I understand it all. This is what I share on here with you, a varying perspective on the events my life, after all I'm one in seven billion. At times I'm called weird, at times I'm called a geek, a lot of the time they call me trouble, but you can call me Kris.
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6 Responses to The Writing Journey Thus Far

  1. I am where you were about 6 years ago, I have just finished high school and let me just say that you have given me hope about my undecided future. Consider me a follower.

  2. lefraise2002 says:

    Some of the best stories were just written because the author was pleased with the idea. Or simply writing their thoughts. Don’t give up, just write whatever comes to your mind.

  3. enissa says:

    Hi! It’s nice to meet you..and your blog is wonderful! I share a very similar life story..I am in the process of writing my book after so many years of putting it aside..I was just like you busy with school not following my passions. Then one day, as fate would have it and after completing the last class of my second Master’s degree-yes you heard right, I decided to walk out on the last day of class and not graduate. 40, 000 dollars in school loan, later that day I went home, threw away all the books from grad school, textbooks that didn’t speak to my soul anymore, papers from professors I pretended to enjoy to write and well thereat is history. I never looked back. Some thought I was a fool but if I was a fool I was the happiest fool in the world. I wasn’t letting that go. So I started my blog, wrote every day—I post everyday and started my book few months ago..A memoir..and I am in love with the process..self discovery, love, amazing.. Good luck and nice to meet you!

  4. enissa says:

    sorry for the typos..late at night 😉 A writer shouldn’t make those mistakes lol

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